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                      • Product Name:SBW-1200/1400 Plate Copying Apparatus

                        SBW series machine is designed with advanced techniques, including vacuum air pump, airproof device, UV leaking prevention, 3kw iodine-gallium lamp, fast copying and clear lines.
                        Easy to operate by hand or automatically, freely adjusting the exposure time, and it is widely used in the printing industries of PCB and high-precision printing etc.



                        Max. Screen Frame Size (mm)1150x10501300x1250
                        Exposure Timer (s)1-99991-9999
                        Power Of Iodine-gallium Lamp (kw)33
                        Total Power (kw)3.53.5
                        Machine Weight (kg)290300
                        Dimension (LxWxH) (mm)1350x1300x11501550x1500x1300

                        Copyright 2011 SHANGHAI S.C.T. PRINTING MACHINERY CO.,LTD   地址: No.116 Lane 3029 Huaxu Rd., Shanghai 201705 China

                        《中華人民共和國電信與信息服務業務經營許可證》 滬ICP備07000804號-1  營業執照