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                            • Product Name:UV-900/1200 UV Curing Machine

                              UV-900/1200 UV Curing Machine is widely used in the printing industries of paper, label and plastic etc. It can work in line with SCT screen printing machine, and also be equipped with the ink wrinkling device. It features as below:
                              The imported Teflon conveyor belt endures high temperature, friction and radiation.
                              Lowering the temperature of the machine interior by cooling device prolongs the life of UV lamps.
                              With infinitely variable speed transmission of the conveyor belt, the machine can work inline with semi-automatic or automatic screen printing machine.
                              According to different printing products and ink, it can save energy by running on with one or more lamps.



                              Max. Conveying Width (mm)9001050
                              Conveying Speed (m/min)0-600-60
                              UV Lamp Power (kw)8×39×3
                              Total Power (kw)34.537.5
                              Dimension (LxWxH) (mm)3700×1840×14603700×2000×1460

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