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                      • Product Name:SF-1000/1200 Automatic Powder Machine

                        SF-1000/1200 machine is one kind of corollary equipment for post press, which substitutes for the traditional manual power spray. It features:?
                        Convenient operation, flexibility to adjust, no power pollution, and it can change poor working conditions, greatly improve the production efficiency and
                        increase the utilization of glitter, making the different styles of glitter patterns more plump and beautiful.
                        The key part units of this machine, such as the powder suction motor, the inverter, are the imported devices, which have the features of good durability,
                        and good stability. Each transmission part all takes stepless speed regulation.
                        According to process needs, it can be connected with the drying equipment or UV curing equipment after this machine.



                        Thickness of Paper (mm)1-51-5
                        Total Power (kw)2.53
                        Machine Weight (kg)500530
                        Dimension (LxWxH) (mm)2000x1250x18002000x1900x2000

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