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                      • Product Name:MD-1000/1500 Automatic Squeegee Grinding Machine

                        MD-1000/1500 machine is especially made and auxiliary for the screen printing machine, widely used in the printing industries of PCB and high-precision printing etc, and easy to operate. It features as below:
                        The grinding wheel is made of emery, improving the grinding precision and the useful life.
                        Quick clamping, easy loading and unloading.
                        Low noise, the dust extractor prevents the grinding scraps from splashing, and the squeegee edge is adjustable to be ground.
                        Use Mitsubishi frequency conversion device.
                        Obverse and reverse cutting, high precision, smooth and steady driving, and fine adjustment by micrometer for grinding.
                        Contactor, relay, and proximity sensor etc, imported from Korea, Japan and Germany, such as Omron and LG products.
                        The machine outer is by powder coating, convenient for maintain.



                        Grinding Length (mm)10001500
                        Total Power (kw)1.81.8
                        Machine Weight (kg)200250
                        Dimension (LxWxH) (mm)1524x550x12501524x550x1250

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