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                      • Product Name:AD-1050 Automatic Sheet Stacker

                        AD-1050 stacker is specially developed and in line with the printing machine equipments. It features as below:
                        The transfer unit with infinitely variable speed transmission, meets the different requirements of printing.
                        The collection unit can make paper pile in good order by jogging.



                        Max. Sheet Size (mm)1050x750
                        Min. Sheet Size (mm)560x350
                        Pile Height (mm)650
                        Max. Speed (sheets/h)4000
                        Compressed Air (Mpa)≤0.6
                        Voltage (v)380
                        Total Power (kw)0.8
                        Dimension (LxWxH) (mm)1245x1600x1012

                        Copyright 2011 SHANGHAI S.C.T. PRINTING MACHINERY CO.,LTD   地址: No.116 Lane 3029 Huaxu Rd., Shanghai 201705 China

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