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                            • Product Name:SH-720/780/1020 Single-lane Industrial Wicket Dryer

                              SH-720/780/1020 Single-lane Industrial Wicket Dryer designed with drying technology, is widely used for the drying area in the printing industries of ceramic decal, glass decal, packing printing, and credit printing etc. It can be equipped with the closed dust system. It can not only run stand-alone to dry the printing sheets, but also be in line with printing machines. It Features:

                              It is equipped with three hot air sections, and fan cooling system. It can be equipped with different drying sections according to job requests.
                              Page-down vertical movement, wicket feeding with paper, electric heating jet and natural drying.
                              When working in line, it is driven synchronization with the main printing machine. When the main machine stops, it can be driven slowly by itself.
                              As an option, when it is driven by gap-type transmission, via the photoelectric control paper wicket gap, driving the conveyor belt and adjusting the speed of paper feeding.



                              Max. Conveying Width (mm)750x520780x5401020x740
                              Stand-alone Speed (p/h)200020002000
                              In-line Speed (p/h)synchronization with
                              main machine
                              synchronization with
                              main machine
                              synchronization with
                              main machine
                              Number Of Clamps (pcs)134813481078
                              Max. Heating Temperature (℃)505050
                              Electric Heating Power (kw)
                              Total Power (kw)222231
                              Machine Weight (kg)600060006000
                              Dimension (LxWxH) (mm)18500x1700x220018500x1800x220018500x2000x2400

                              Copyright 2011 SHANGHAI S.C.T. PRINTING MACHINERY CO.,LTD   地址: No.116 Lane 3029 Huaxu Rd., Shanghai 201705 China

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