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                      • Product Name:ASP-720/780/1020 Automatic Swing Cylinder Screen Printing Machine

                        With the combination of offset printing and screen printing, ASP-720/780/1020 machine can do spot UV varnish on printed materials. Also it can do single-color printing or overprint in color sequence on the materials such as golden and silver paper, printing transfer Paper, whiteboard paper, plastic film (polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene), sticker, and credit card etc. The ASP series screen printing machine is very popular in the industries of printing and packing, porcelain, transfer printing, glass, plastic, leather, electronic message, trademark, and advertisement as well. ASP-720/780/1020 machine is improved from the current models at home and abroad to make the operation more convenient, and guarantee the printing quality. With features as below:
                        The control system is monitor controlled by Mitsubishi transducer and Mitsubishi PLC. Overprint precision is less than 0.15mm.
                        With imported electric components and main drive mechanism, the machine is quiet and in friendly operation, and it guarantees the machine
                        stabilize for a long time.
                        With the automatic paper continuously feeding unit, the machine can switch freely according to the thickness of printing products. The
                        overturning paper collection unit makes the screen cleaning and unloading conveniently. The feeder back and forth moving can be fine adjusted.
                        The cylinder processed by Germany precision grinding machine keeps the same chromatic aberration. The back delivery plate up and down
                        moving by the pneumatic system makes the plate move fast and convenient for operation to improve efficiency. The gripper adopted the most
                        advanced Germany technique ensures paper transfer with precision.
                        The squeegee with the locking device makes lock fast and securely, and the flo-coater can move to the left and right.
                        With the pneumatic locking device, makes the screen frame adjustment very simple, and operation in safety and security.
                        The ASP screen printing machine in line with SCT dryer and stacker, meets the requirements of the finishing and packaging as well as the
                        standard transfer printing industries.



                        Max. Sheet Size (mm)720x520780x5401020x740
                        Min. Sheet Size (mm)350x270350x270560x350
                        Max. Printing Size (mm)720x500780x5201020x720
                        Thickness Of Sheet (gsm)120-250120-250100-300
                        Frame Size (mm)880x880940x9401280x1140
                        Max. Printing Speed (p/h)300030002800
                        Total Power (kw)7.57.511
                        Machine Weight (kg)350040004900
                        Dimension (LxWxH) (mm)3980x1920x13103980x1980x13104570x2350x1310

                        Back Delivery   
                        Cylinder Processed by Germany Precision Grinding Machine

                        Back Lay,Gripper
                        Side Lay

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